Adding a new Recurring Payment Instruction (RPI)

You can add a new RPI for a constituent as follows

Click the orange Add button, and from the Timeline section choose Recurring Payment Instruction. You may need to click on Find Constituent if you were not already on a constituent record when you started.

  • RPI type (regular donation or membership).
  • Frequency - how often you will collect the funds.
  • Collection method - choose the method you have previously set up. This will:
    • reveal the reference fields, according to the Collection Method
    • set the RPI Status field to either Pending Lodgement or Active depending on the method.
  • Collection day. Bear in mind that if it is too late to collect the money according to the start month, the collection day and the the date it is being entered plus the time you need to elapse before funds can be collected, Donorfy will attempt to collect it on the same day next month/quarter/half-year/year depending on what you selected in Frequency.
  • Start Month - the month in which you wish the RPI to commence.
  • Currency
  • Bank Account into which this money will be paid
  • Comments
  • Acknowledgement Document template and any personalised acknowledgement text.
  • Then enter the Payment and Allocation information as required.

New RPIs can also be

  • Added by web widgets for payments you will collected by Stripe or GoCardless
  • Imported - for example from an agency. See [URL] for more information.
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