GDPR - What's New

We have made some changes to Donorfy to help you comply with GDPR - this is a summary of the changes.

  • Preference Centres - these are the places where a constituent's permissions to be contacted (by certain channels and for certain purposes) and preferred channel can be set. There are two preferences centres:
    • in the Constituent form in Donorfy - so that staff can change a constituent's preferences on their behalf (this replaces the Comms Preferences panel).
    • Self-service on your website - so that the constituent can update their own preferences online (feature of Donorfy Professional only).
    • A History of changes and confirmations is retained.
  • Purposes - these are used in the Preference Centre to identify the purposes for which constituents can opt in for comms - e.g. fundraising, news, membership etc. Purposes replace Communications Exceptions, and are set up in Settings.
  • Consent Statements - these identify the various privacy policies, data protection statements etc that a constituent had the ability to read when they confirmed their channel or purpose permissions. Consent Statements are set up via Settings and can be linked to online policy documents, or have the document attached in Donorfy. 
  • Constituent Lists - have been simplified to enable the channel and purpose permissions to be respected (e.g. for a selecting the audience for a communication) or not (e.g. when the List is being used for information purposes).

Getting Started

You should

  • Ensure that the Purposes in Donorfy reflect the purposes for which you need to communicate with your constituents. Set them up in Settings and search for 'Purposes'
  • Set up your Consent Statements, in Settings

You may wish to undertake a campaign to obtain or confirm consents from constituents using the self service preference centre. To do that you will need to add the widget to your website to allow people to update their own preferences - see this for more info.

More details about the changes that have been made

Communication Exceptions have been converted into Purposes

When you started using Donorfy it came with a standard list of communications exceptions - if you have used any of these standard exceptions or added your own then a new Purpose will have been created for the Exceptions that you have used - any unused exceptions will be removed from settings.

Constituent profiles have been updated with the new preference centre - there are some examples in this article to help illustrate the changes. 

The changes are as follows, if a constituent had

  • an exception on their profile then we will have used that exception to set the status of the corresponding purpose - i.e. if the exception allowed contact then the purpose will be allowed, otherwise the purpose will be blocked
  • did not have that exception the purpose will be added to the constituent preference centre in an allowed state 

Constituent Default contact details have be converted into preferred channel in the preference centre as follows, if default contact details were set to

  • Anything except Do Not Contact - i.e. a valid channel - then this has been used for the preferred channel 
  • Do Not Contact and the constituent had no exceptions then the preferred channel is set to Do Not Contact
  • Do Not Contact and the constituent had an exception that allowed contact then the preferred channel is set to channel associated with the exception

New General Purpose

  • A 'general' purpose has been added into settings and added to each constituent's preference centre, if the constituent default contact details was do not contact the 'general' purpose is blocked otherwise the 'general' purpose is allowed
  • You can rename the general purpose to something more suited to your organisation - however do not delete it 


A constituent list you can check channels and purposes, as shown in the example below. 

Your existing constituent lists will have been updated to work with the new Preference Centre - you can see some examples here

When you download a constituent we will always output the constituents preferred contact details based on the constituent preferred channel.


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    Sherry Secker

    What happens if we delete the general purpose?🤔

  • Avatar
    Lindsay Fisk

    It wont be displayed - you do not need to have any purposes if you do not wish to use them

  • Avatar
    Lindsay Fisk

    please ignore my previous answer - apparently you have to have at least one perupose

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