Auto Tagging

Auto tagging allows you to automatically add tags to constituents using one or more lists, this can be done automatically overnight or on demand as needed.

This is how to set it up.

  • You need a tag that you want to add to the constituents - go into settings and search for Tag & Tag Categories, choose the tag category your tag is in - then either add a tag or select an existing tag
  • From the tag form click on the 'Auto Tagging' tab - you should then
    • Set whether the tag should be removed from all constituents before being re-applied - setting this to Yes this will remove the tag from all constituents whether it has been applied by Auto Tagging or added by a user
    • Indicate whether the tag should be re-applied overnight
    • Then press the Choose lists button to select a list that will be used to apply the tag you then
      • specify whether the constituents 'must be on the list' or 'must not on the list' to have the tag added
      • choose the list you want to use
    • Repeat the above steps if you want to use multiple lists for the tag
    • Note 
      • you must have at least one 'must be this on' list
      • if a constituent appears on both a 'must be on' a list and a 'must not be on' list then the tag will not be applied - i.e. the 'must not be on list' wins
      • if you have more than one 'must be on list' then the constituent must be on all the 'must be on lists' to be tagged 
      • if your list is not based on a constituent list (for example based on an activity list) you will need to add the constituent number to your list 
  • If you press 'Save & Apply this tag now' a task will be queued to apply the tag - we will send you an email when the tag has been applied
  • If you press 'Save Changes' the tag will be applied overnight if you have set that option to Yes
  • The status message on the auto tagging page shows when auto tagging was last applied
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