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Create a Trust constituent

Make sure you have a constituent type of "Trust" (this article assumes that you have, admins can set these up and change them if required in Settings). You may also want to create another constituent for Foundations. This can be used in reporting to analyse them as separate income streams.

Add a new Trust constituent using the orange Add button, and select constituent type Trust.

Add any contact details you wish to record, e.g. a main contact, address, email and phone number.

You can add a reference to the funder’s website in the box headed ‘Social’

Use Connections to add any links, for example if one of your Trustees or supporters has a connection with the Trust (Connection types may need to be set up by an admin first in Settings).

Using the orange Manage button, choose 'Add Trust info', to record additional information about the Trust on the 'Profile' tab as follows:

  • Capacity, propensity and connection scores (1 to 5) can be used to indicate, for example, the size of the Trust (capacity), the closeness of fit with the charity’s cause (propensity), and the closeness of the relationship you have with the Trust (connection)
  • You can define what these scores represent within your organisation, the combination of the three scores can help with indicating best-fit funders and prioritising applications
  • Funding deadline – you can show which months applications are considered by Trustees
  • Total annual giving, typical gift size and suggested ask amount can be used to indicate what level of funding is available and what you want to ask for
  • The tags in Funding Preferences and Funding Locations can be configured by admins in using Settings, and used to identify subject and areas of interest for the Trust’s grant making
  • Use the text box Research Notes to add any additional information, such as more detail on funding criteria, the application process, specific deadlines etc.


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