Cleaning your Constituent Data

If you get your constituent data cleaned - e.g. by an agency - you should follow this process

  • Download your data from Donorfy as a constituent list
  • Send you data to an agency to be cleaned
  • Upload the cleaned data using the file uploader

These are some more details about what you need to do 

Downloading the data

  • Create or use an existing constituent list - include any filters to select only the constituents you want to clean, make sure you include the number column as the that will be needed when you upload the file.
  • Click the button to download the list - usually it is best to set 'Only include the selected columns in the download' to yes
  • The download file will contain the constituent name information, the preferred contact details and any other columns you selected

Upload the cleaned data

  • The cleaned data needs to be in an Excel spreadsheet, the name of the worksheet should be 'Constituent Cleaned Data' - as per this example

  • Remove columns which have not been changed - for example if the only address data has been cleaned remove the constituent name information, phone numbers and email addresses
  • The remaining columns should be have the names from the original download e.g. PreferredAddressLine1 etc 
  • You should add new columns as follows
    • Update - if this column contains 'Yes' the constituent name, address, phone numbers or email addresses will be updated based on the values in the row - e.g. the new address should be in the Preferred Address columns
    • Set to Do Not Mail - if you cannot mail a constituent you should enter either Yes or a valid reason - e.g. Gone Away - into this column - this will be used to block the mail channel in the Preference Centre
    • Set to Do Not Phone - if you cannot phone a constituent you should enter either Yes or a valid reason - e.g. By Request - into this column - this will be used to block the phone and sms channels in the Preference Centre
    • Archive Constituent - if you need to archive a constituent e.g. if they have died - you should enter either Yes or a valid reason - e.g. Deceased - into this column - this will archive the constituent
  • If the above columns are all empty then no updates will be made to constituent in Donorfy
  • Your spreadsheet will look similar to this example 

  • Upload the file for checking
    • If there are problems with the file download it, open it in Excel and look for the columns with Error in the status column, the comment attached to the error column will give you more information
    •  If the is valid you can apply it which will updates from your Excel workbook which will update the constituent details and add an 'Data Cleaned' activity to the timelines


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