Mailchimp (Legacy) - resolving conflicts

Most synchronisations just happen automatically behind the scenes, and Donorfy and Mailchimp stay up to date, perhaps with a few minutes delay.

How to sync Donorfy and Mailchimp on demand

Here's what you do:

  1. Go to Data Management | MailChimp Sync
  2. Click the Sync Now button

At this point Donorfy gets on with the sync in the background. You can get on with something else. 

Resolving conflicts

There are some circumstances where Donorfy needs your help to decide what happens when a conflict arises that only a human being can resolve - these typically are when an email address sent by Mailchimp to Donorfy matches more than one constituent in Donorfy.

These cases show up in Donorfy Data Management | MailChimp Sync page. Each case requiring resolution is shown with options for you to use to resolve the situation. 


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