Constituent Types

Constituents are the people and organisations that you interact with

Constituent types are broad categorisations of the constituents you have in Donorfy - e.g. individual, company, church etc. Constituent types  should be exclusive so a given constituent cannot be in more than one type.

This means its best to keep constituent types at a high level - for example do not set up lots of constituent types for different types of individual (such as donor, volunteer etc) as an individual might be in more than one category - it is better to use Tags for more detailed flagging & categorisation.

A Constituent Types can be defined to be a group - this means it represents something other than an individual person - e.g. its a church, company etc

When you add a new constituent you start by choosing the type of constituent you want to add e.g. I want to add an individual.

For constituent types that

  • are groups you can enter a name for the constituent e.g. ACME Ltd, St Johns Church etc.
  • are not groups you can enter an individual’s personal details - including title, first name, last name and so on.

You can change a constituents type from the manage menu when you have opened the constituents record.

You can add, change and delete constituent types via the settings.

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