Archiving and Deleting Constituents

If you archive a constituent all the information you have about them is retained but they are put into an inactive state - this makes it easy to exclude them from lists & mailings.

When you archive a constituent you can enter the date and reason for archive - when you retrieve an archived constituent a banner is displayed at the top of the constituents record indicating that they are archived.

Archived constituents are returned in the search results unless you search only for active constituents

If you delete a constituent then all information about that constituent is permanently deleted - there is no way of getting it back.

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    Rachel - Family Support Work

    How do you delete a constituent please? (I entered an individual but should be an organisation)

    (also, just to point out that whenever I go to the Help button, I have to log in again although I am already logged in - is that supposed to happen..?)

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    Ben Brett

    When you open a constituents record the manage menu - which is opened by the orange manage button next to the add & recent buttons - allows you to delete a constituent if you are an admin in Donorfy

    Also from the manage menu you can change the type of constituent - so you could change your individual into an organisation

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    Piers Shepperd

    Is there anyway of bulk deleting / archiving constituents?

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    Leanne Sinclair

    hi there, i'm trying to delete a constituent, however it's not working.
    1. I click on manage
    2. select delete constituent
    3. select yes when it asks for confirmation

    but it's not deleted. Any ideas why it isn't working?

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    Lindsay Fisk

    There is a bug that you are unable to delete constituents that have RPIs - this has now been fixed and will be available in the next update

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