Preferred Address, Email & Phone Numbers

Donorfy automatically determines the preferred address, phone number and email address for a constituent based on the details held on a constituent’s profile.

Donorfy will set the preferred contact details in the following ways:


The preferred address will be set to the first address found in a profile.

Phone numbers

For phone numbers, this is the order of preference, Main Phone number, Mobile phone number then Other phone number.

Email addresses

For email addresses, it’s the preferred email address, if present and active, after that Donorfy checks for an active alternate email address.


The way in which this is attributed is based on the constituent type, as per below:

Individuals (and any other types of constituents which are not groups)

  • Personal contact profile
  • then the Work profile
  • followed by the Other profile


For example, a Trust, Church, School, Company, etc.

  • Work profile
  • then the Other profile


You can find out more about Constituent Types here.

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