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For products, payment methods, bank accounts and optionally funds you need to specify the accounting codes used by your accounting system to which the money should be allocated - this is done via Settings, for each item (products, payment methods, bank accounts, funds) - as per the example screen shot below:


Creating the Accounts Download File

From the Financial menu select Accounts Download. Enter the range of dates for transactions that you want to download and the type of download you need.

Donorfy will then create a download file containing transactions in the range of dates you have entered that have not been previously downloaded.

When ready your download file will be shown in the list of available downloads.

Which Transactions Get Selected?

We look for allocations

  • which are closed
  • where the accounting date is within the range of dates you entered
  • have not been in a previous accounts download

What Gets Exported?

A Transaction list is a CSV file which contains the following fields:

  • Date (accounting date)
  • Accounts Interface Code assigned to the Product
  • Currency
  • Amount 
  • Department
  • Accounts Interface Code assigned to the Fund
  • Accounts Interface Code assigned to the Bank Account
  • Accounts Interface Code assigned to the Payment Method 
  • Reference
  • Constituent title, first name, last name & number
  • Product Description
  • Payment Method Description
  • Batch Number (if transaction was entered in a batch)
  • Processing Costs - e.g. Stripe or GoCardless fees
  • Amount less any Processing Costs


A Sage Line 50 file

  • is a CSV file containing the bank receipt (BR) journal entries,
  • the Bank Account ref field will be based on Accounts Interface code you associated with your bank accounts
  • the Nominal Code will be the Accounts Interface code you associated with product, if that is not present any Accounts Interface code you associated with the fund will be used
  • The tax code will be set to T0 and the tax amount will be 0
  • The Amount is less any Processing Costs

NOTE: if you are using the Charities edition of Sage Line 50 (known as Sage Line 50c), the import does not allow you to include the Fund. The import is exactly the same as for the standard Line 50 product. If you need to specify a fund it has to be manually added using the Corrections feature in Sage after the import. Please see this article from the Sage knowledge base for more info (in the Data You Can't Import section).

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