Mail Merging

If you want to use constituent names and addresses in a mail merge you should do the following:

  • Add a list (or open the existing list) of the constituents you want to mail merge, make sure the list details are as follows:
    • Contact details to use - if the list is for a specific purpose (e.g. a fundraising campaign) then select ‘Use default but apply any exceptions for campaigns’ - if there is no relevant exception select ‘Default - use default contact details’
    • Include a filter for permitted channels to make sure the constituents allow contact by mail
    • Add any further filters you need
  • Save and Update Preview for the list - you can check that you have the constituents you want
  • To download the list as a CSV file for a mail merge press the cloud button at the top of the list - as shown below 

You can choose to update the constituents timeline with an activity entry for your mailing.

Press the Prepare Download button - if you have a lot of constituents in your list it might take a while to prepare the download.

You can wait for the download preparation to finish or you can go and do something else and retrieve your download from Data Management | Download later on.

The file created by the download will have the name and address information for the constituents - the details in the file will be based on the constituents communications preferences and the contact details to use you chose for the list. 

Use download file as the data source for your mail merge in your word processor 


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