Linking Eventbrite and Donorfy

You can link Eventbrite to Donorfy so the details of people that register for an event are automatically added to Donorfy - this is what you have to do.

You will need your Donorfy api key - see this article for help with that

You need to delve into Eventbrite a bit so it may help if you refer to their help guides.

Log into your Eventbrite account, find the settings option, then from the left hand menu in settings click on

1) Webhooks 

  • Click on Add Webhook 
  • For the Payload URL enter<your donorfy api key> e.g.
  • Select All Events
  • Under Actions tick order.placed
  • Press the Add Webhooks button
  • You can press the Test button to check the settings - you will need to refresh the page to see the result of the test

2) Next click on App Management on the left hand menu

  • Click on the Create A New App button
  • Fill in the details on the Request a New Key complete the form as follows
    • Application URL: 
    • OAuth Redirect URI: leave this blank
    • Application name: Donorfy  
    • Description: Donorfy
  • Press Create Key.
  • Next click on 'Show Client Secret and OAuth Token' and copy the code next 'Your personal OAuth token' 

Now it's back to Donorfy - go into Settings, find the Eventbrite Settings and enter the personal OAuth token you copied from Eventbrite

That's it - you are now linked.

If you ever want to unlink, delete the webhook you created in Eventbrite.

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