Smart Tags

Smart tags are automatically by added Donorfy to a constituent record if certain conditions are met, the smart tags can then be used when building a list.

Smart tags are displayed with the others tags - they are shown with a different icon (see below) so you can tell which are smart tags


As with a normal tag you can set a Smart Tag to Excluded on a constituent - however if you delete a smart tag from a constituent, Donorfy may re-add it.

The following smart tags are available

  • Potential Gift Aid - this tag is applied to people who may sign a gift aid declaration - they are selected as follows
    • They must
      • be an individual constituent (i.e. not a company, church etc)
      • have made a donation 
      • not live outside the UK
    • They must not
      • be archived
      • have refused to sign a gift aid declaration
      • already have a gift aid declaration
  • Active RPI - this tag is applied to people who are not archived and have an active recurring payment instruction
  • Lapsed RPI in Last Year - this tag is applied to people whose recurring payment instruction has lapsed in the last year and are not archived
  • Recurring Giver - Donorfy will add this tag to any constituent that has made a recurring gift (according to the payment method) in the last 12 months


Smart tags should not be removed from Settings unless you are sure you will not want to use them in the future.

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