How is a Gift Aid Claim compiled and submitted? Eligibility explained.

Every night Donorfy will update your active Gift Aid claim - eligible Transactions are automatically added to the active claim. For this to happen, the following conditions must always be satisfied:

  • The Constituent must have an active Gift Aid Declaration on their Timeline
  • The Transaction's Potentially Gift Aid-able switch must be set to Yes
  • The Transaction's Date Paid is within 4 years of the end of the financial year you received it in
  • The Transaction's Product is set to allow Gift Aid
  • The Transaction's Payment Method is set to allow Gift Aid
  • Must not have been previously claimed
  • The Transaction was not imported (using the File Upload) as having been already claimed, thereby stopping it from appearing in any claims in Donorfy.

Go to Financial | Gift Aid and click on the Active Claim tab to see the Transactions that figure in the Active Claim.

At the end of the month the Active Claim is closed and becomes Ready to Claim - a new Active Claim is started for the new month.

An email is sent to the system administrator(s) with details of the "Ready to Claim" claim.

Go to Financial | Gift Aid and click on the Ready to Claim tab to check you are happy with it. If you are happy with the donations in the Ready to Claim you can either

  1. Press the Submit claim button to submit the claim to HMRC, or
  2. Wait until the end of the month and Donorfy will automatically submit the claim for you.

Preventing Transactions from being claimed

If you want to remove donations from the claim see "How do I remove a donation from the active claim or the ready to claim?" in the Gift Aid - Frequently Asked Questions article.

Once the claim has been submitted it's status is changed from Ready to Submitted - you now find it in Financial | Gift Aid under the Previous Claims.

We then make regular requests to HMRC to find out the status of the submitted claim - HMRC will respond with following:

  • Acknowledged - this means that HMRC have the claim but it hasn't been processed - the claim's state remains as submitted 
  • Complete - this means HMRC have processed the claim in Donorfy the claim's state will be changed to Claimed
  • Error - there is some sort of problem with the claim - in Donorfy the claim's state will be changed to Rejected 
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