Integrating JustGiving with Donorfy

If you link Donorfy to JustGiving then Donorfy will retrieve the details of people who have raised money for you via JustGiving.

Please note - this integration imports the funds raised on fundraising pages - for example a page set up by someone running the marathon, or commemorating a wedding anniversary. It does not import from JustGiving's charity donation and regular giving pages. Donorfy has online giving widgets and pages for this.

This is done as follows:

  • Every night Donorfy requests details from JustGiving - the first time this request is made we can retrieve details for the last 3 months, for subsequent requests we retrieve any new details
  • If JustGiving does not provide an email address we treat any money raised as anonymous
  • When we receive a valid email address we try to match it to constituents that already exist in Donorfy.
    • If no matching email address is found we add a new constituent and the money raised is added to that constituent's timeline. If the constituent requested no further contact then they are blocked for all forms of communication
    • If one Constituent has the email address the money raised is added to that constituent's timeline
    • If multiple matches are found using the email address we try and find a constituent with the Id Just Giving allocated - if we can't match the constituent that way we add an item for review (see Reviewing JustGiving Updates below) 
  • The transactions are added to the Constituent's Timeline as follows
    • If multiple donations are received they are consolidated into one timeline entry
    • Transactions will be excluded from Donorfy Gift Aid claims
    • Just Giving charges will be stored in the Processing Costs for the Transaction
    • Other Transaction settings - e.g. product, campaign etc - are picked up from the JustGiving settings (see JustGiving Settings below) 

Just Giving Settings

To retrieve data from JustGiving you need to

  • Register for access to their API see for more information
  • Ask JustGiving to upgrade your app Id to the 'Data API Plan'

Once you have done that in Donorfy go to Settings | JustGiving Settings and make the following entries:

  • The user name and password you use for your JustGiving Charity Account - note that is case sensitive and is not the user name and password
  • The Api Key and Charity Id provided by JustGiving
  • Product - this is the Donorfy product that will be associated with the donations - typically use Donation  

These remaining settings are optional but allow you to correctly process the money received.

Reviewing Just Giving Updates

Under Data Management click on JustGiving any items that need your attention are shown on the 'To be Resolved' tab - the History tab shows the updates from the last 30 days

If no data is shown under the History tab there are a few things you can check in JustGiving - this article from JustGiving provides more info 


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    Thanks for this very helpful article. Am I right in saying that this will add all donations to the fundraiser, rather than the individual donors, and that importing the individual donors needs to be done manually?

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    Lindsay Fisk

    that is correct yes

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