Main search

The main search is always visible in Donorfy, at the top.

When you enter a search term in there and hit Enter (or click the magnifying glass), Donorfy will search across Constituents, Opportunities and Campaigns.

NOTE: the maximum number of search results returned in the main search is 75.

How to search

Type in the words you want to search for, if you enter 2 or more words records matching all the words will be returned - sorting by closest match can help you find what you want if your search returns lots of matches.
If you want to find records containing any of the words you enter use OR e.g. Frank OR Smith.
To find everything starting with a certain letters use * e.g. Sm*,
Use NOT to exclude a word e.g.Smith NOT Frank
You can build more complex searches using brackets e.g.(Frank Smith) OR (Jane Brown).

Filtering the results

Some searches give you the option to further filter the results:


Other searches

There's also a search bar in Constituents:

When you use the Constituent search, the results are unlimited, but based on Constituents only.

Opportunity search

This is visible in the Opportunities section, results are unlimited.

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