Donorfy Data Service

The Donorfy data service allows you to use a reporting or analysis tool - such as Excel or Tableau - with the data you have in Donorfy.

To provide secure access to your data Donorfy uses a technology called OData. 

To retrieve data via the Donorfy data service you will need to find your API key - see this article for help with finding that.

Your link to the Donorfy data service will be<your api key> e.g. if your api key was abcdefgh your link would be

You will also have to enter your username and password to access the reporting service.

These are data sources available from the data service

  • ConstituentsBasic constituent information, including major giving info, default contact details , financial summary
  • ConstituentTags - details of active and excluded tags for constituents
  • Transactions - details of transactions 
  • Campaigns - information about your campaigns
  • Opportunities - information about opportunities - including summary data of pledge
  • Stats - High level stats summarising the data in Donorfy available on a day by day basis - can be used to track changes (e.g. in constituent counts) over a period of time

Please see other articles which provide more details about using the Donorfy data service with other reporting tools 

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