Setting Up Tags

To set up or change tags you need to go into Settings and find the tags - this article explains how to do that.

You will see a list of tag categories - categories provide a way of grouping similar tags together.

If you need to add a new tag category press the + button - as shown below

Give your category a name and select the type of entities the tag can be applied to 

Once you have added a new category you can add some tags to it

Adding or Changing Tags

To add, change or delete tags you first need to select the category that tag belongs to - click on the category in the list to select it - in the example below we have clicked on the Interests Tag Category (shown in the yellow box) - the Tags in this category are shown below (the green box) to add a new tag click on the + button (shown with a red box) - to work with an existing tag click on it


Do not use commas in your tag category or tag description

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