How Constituent Lists work

Show in Menu

If this option is selected it means that the list will be visible as a sub-menu item under the Constituents link in the left-hand navigation area (click the + button to reveal them).

List type ("This List is...")

A list can be one of three types:

  • Filtered - this means the List gets its results purely based on the conditions in the Filter. Therefore the results are dynamic, according to when you use the List.
  • Manual - the means the List gets its results purely from those people who are tagged as being opted into this List. The tagging is done manually by adding the appropriate List Tag for this List to each Constituent that you wish to be included. No Filter capability is provided.
  • Combined - this is a combination of Filterered and List Tags. For example a Newsletter List would include those who meet the filter conditions, PLUS those who have been tagged for inclusion in List Overrides, minus those who have been tagged for exclusion in List Overrides.

Check purpose permissions? & Check channel permissions?

If you intend to perform a mailing based on your list - this option allows you to check that constituents have consented to the appropriate purposes and channels 

Export - separate channels, and create Activities

Additional features are available when export Constituent Lists:

  • create separate files for each communication channel - when selected will create separate CSV files for each channel in the List results.
  • Update Activity History - when selected, this will create new Activities on the Timeline for every Constituent in the List results.
    • activities added in error this way can be removed by using the Undo Activities - this can be found selecting the list produced in the download section.

Mailchimp integration tab

 Use this tab when syncing to a Mailchimp List. See this article for more info.

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