Sending Emails from Donorfy

You can send documents by email to your constituents from Donorfy using your own email server - to set this up you need a valid email address & password to use with your email server - it is best to set up a specific email address to use with Donorfy (rather than use your email address) and then share the mailbox associated with the Donorfy email address with relevant people in your organisation.

If you are using Exchange, Gmail or Office 365 to send your emails then Donorfy already knows the technical details otherwise you will need ask the person who looks after your email for the host name and port number used.

Unfortunately traditional 'on premises' email systems tend to be 'locked down' so it can be hard to configure them to allow other systems like Donorfy to send emails through them - you may need help from IT support people with this. 

If you have problems getting an 'on premises' email system working an alternative approach is to set up an email account with a cloud based email provider - like Office 365 - and send your Donorfy emails via that service, you may then be able to configure the email service to forward the emails on to your email server. 

This article has some information about troubleshooting email setup problems.

Go into Settings in Donorfy and search for 'Email Server Settings' - you will see a form like the one shown below

Choose the type of email you use and enter the details requested, these are the most popular email providers 

  • Office 365 - enter your details then click on Connect to Server to link Donorfy to your email 
  • Exchange Server - enter your details then click on Connect to Server to link Donorfy to your email 
  • Gmail - after you have entered your details you have to click on Authorise Gmail to link Donorfy to your email account  

If you are not using one of the email systems listed above or have problems connecting you can try

  • Exchange Server Server Manual Setup and Office 365 Manual Setup - this option allows you to enter further technical details - i.e. the settings for Host, Port and Use SSL 
  • Manual Configuration from the list and enter the values for Host, Port and Use SSL you obtained from the person who looks after your email system.

Press the 'Send Test Email' button to check your settings are correct - this will send an email to the email address you entered.

If all the details are correct you will get a confirmation message, if there is a problem sending the email you will see an error message including any details returned by your email server.

When the settings are complete press Save Changes

Gmail Authentication Errors 

Gmail accounts are normally restricted as to what applications they will work with - this might mean you have a problem sending emails from Donorfy. If when sending the test email you get an error message about authentication problems and you are sure the email address and password you entered is correct visit this link and turn on access for less secure apps.

Creating an Email Template

When creating an email template in Acknowledgements & Documents, the email will be from the email specified in From Email Address, but will appear in the sent items of the email address specified above.



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