Flagging Donations as Recurring Gifts

If you have recurring gifts it can be useful to be able to identify them in Donorfy as recurring gifts, and to tag the people making those gifts as recurring givers. You can do this with a Smart Tag as follows:

  • In Settings open the payment methods - then find (or add) the payment method for the gift - set 'Recurring Gift' to yes - see screen shot below
  • When you add donations with this payment method - either one at a time or by uploading a file - they will be flagged as recurring gifts
  • Transaction lists include a field 'Is Recurring Gift' - which contains either Yes or No - you can use this in filters and display it in the results - nb there is also a field called 'Recurring Transaction' which contains Yes if the transaction was generated for a Donorfy recurring payment instruction 
  • Donorfy will add a Smart Tag 'Recurring Giver' to any constituent that has made a recurring gift in the last 12 months


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