Fixing Problems with Dates in Excel

Occasionally when you upload a file to Donorfy the checking process will report errors with dates in the file even though the dates look correct when you open the file in Excel

This problem is caused by the way Excel sometimes stores dates, to fix the problem you need to do the following:

  • Open the file in Excel
  • Insert a new column next to the date column which has the errors in it - in the example below the original column is T, the new column is U



  • Add a formula into the new column for each row with data - the formula is =DATEVALUE( NN ) replace NN with the address of the cell containing the date - e.g. = DATEVALUE(T2)
  • The dates in the new column should look the same as the old column
  • Next highlight all the data in the new column, copy it, the use paste special to paste in values into the original column
  • Check the dates look correct
  • You can now delete the new column (U)
  • Save your file 
  • Upload the file into Donorfy 


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