Constituent Tag Lists

Constituent tag lists allow you to create a list which filters and/or outputs using the details of tags you have added to constituents, the details can include tag start & end date, extra fields etc you may have set up for a tag.

A Constituent List allows you filter based on active or blocked tags - so for example if you want to do a mailing to everyone who has the Newsletter tag a constituent list would be fine.

However suppose you allow people to state how many copies of the newsletter they want and you have created an extra field against the Newsletter tag to store that number. If you need to include the number of newsletters in your mailing file you will need to create a constituent tag list as that will allow you get access that information which is stored against the tag.

You create a constituent tag list from the main add menu.

As the list works from the tags, depending on your lists filter, a constituent could appear more than once on the list - e.g. if your Constituent Tag List does not have a filter and a constituent had 5 tags they would appear 5 times on the list - so often you will want to add a filter which restricts the list to one tag.

When you set up a tag filter you need to be prefix the tag you want with its category followed by an underscore e.g. to filter for the 'Finance' tag in the 'Committees' tag category you would need to use Committees_Finance - as shown in the example below

Other constituent based fields can be used in the filter - e.g. permitted channels etc - this allows you to build lists that can be used for mailings based on a tag


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