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Send to Donorfy is an easy way to keep copies of emails sent or received on your constituents’ timelines - this helps you to keep a record of your communications with constituents.

When you send an email to one or more constituents if you copy the email to your Send to Donorfy email address the email will be added as an activity to the timeline(s) of the constituent(s) with the email addresses you sent the email to - note that people CC'd on the email will not have anything added to their timelines.

Note the maximum size of your email including any attachments is 15Mb - if you message exceeds this size it will not be processed.

In the example below Donorfy would try and find any constituents with the email address - include your sendtodonorfy email address - usually in the Bcc 

When you receive an email you can forward it to your Send to Donorfy email address to add the email to the timeline of matching constituents.

If your email has any attachments these will be linked to the activity added to the constituents timeline.

If we can’t match the email addresses the email will shown on the 'Send to Donorfy' tab under the Home menu - see the example below - you can then find the constituent you want to assign the email to.


Finding your Send to Donorfy Email Address

 Your Send to Donorfy email address is displayed on the 'Send to Donorfy' tab under the Home menu

Changing your Send to Donorfy Email Address

You can change your Send to Donorfy email address (e.g. if you are getting spam emails sent to it) by clicking on your name will be displayed at the top on the righthand side, then press the 'Generate New Email' button.

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