Archiving All Constituents on a List

You can archive all constituents on a list - this can be used with the Bulk Delete function of Data Management to archive groups constituents for bulk deletion from your Donorfy. You need to have 'Can archive constituents from list' permission to use this function.

Your list needs to be a Constituent list

Follow these steps

  • Add or open a list, set up filters and so on in the normal way 
  • Check you are happy with your list results  
  • From toolbar on the search results click on the Archive button - see below - a form will be displayed that allows you to choose the reason for archive - press the Archive button - you will be asked to confirm you want to archive.  It is suggested that if you are using the bulk archive ahead of a bulk delete you use a different archive reason from one used for normal archive purposes.
  • Note A bulk archive cannot be undone - if you change your mind you will have to unarchive each constituent individually
  • The bulk archive will be run in the background - Donorfy will send you an email when the update has finished
  • You cannot bulk delete more than a 1000 constituents at a time so if you are using the bulk archive as the first step to delete do not archive more than 1000 constituents with a single reason - create a new archive reason for each 1000 constituents you wish to archive and then go onto to delete.


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    Lindsay Fisk

    this article has been updated so it is clear that this can only be done from a constituent list

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