Updating Activities Using the Uploader

You can use the file uploader to update existing activities - for example, if you want to record if someone attended an event you held.

Normally it is easiest to use a list to download the activities you want to update, the downloaded list must include the activity and constituent numbers of the activities you want to update, for help creating a list see this - make sure you include the number of the

  • Activity - you will need to select the Entity Number for this
  • Constituent the activity belongs to - select Constituent Number for this

Your list will look similar to this example

Download the data preparation template and find the Activities Update worksheet - right click on the tab and from the popup menu choose Move or Copy, then choose to make a copy in a new book.

In the worksheet in the new Excel workbook you then need to make the following entries, note you can remove any columns you do not need

  • Copy both the Activity Number and Constituent Number from your list download - specifying both is to double check we are updating the correct activity
  • Fill in columns you want to update
  • Remove or leave empty columns they don't want to update - i.e. any existing values will be retained
  • Any extra fields you have added for your activity - see this - can be updated in the worksheet they will be called
    • Text 1 to 10 - e.g. Text1 - for the text fields
    • Number 1 to 10 - e.g. Number1 - for the number fields
    • Date 1 to 10 - e.g. Date1 - for the date fields
    • YesNo 1 to 10 e.g. YesNo1 - for the yes no fields 
  • When you upload the file the data is checked - e.g. that we can find an activity to update, any lookups e.g. campaign are valid and so on
  • Assuming all is valid you can apply your changes - important this type of upload cannot be undone
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