Updating Mailchimp from Donorfy (3)

You can update a Mailchimp list from one or more Donorfy constituent lists - to this you must either be an administrator in Donorfy or have Can Update Mailchimp allowed under Data lists - see this article for more information.

Create your constituent list and add any filters you need - then from the buttons above the results press the Mailchimp button - choose the Mailchimp list you want to update and press Preview Update - this will start the update running. 


The Mailchimp Updates tab will show the status of your sync

Once the preview update has finished you will see a summary of the updates that need to be made to your Mailchimp list - you can click on the links shown in yellow below to download and view the lists of the constituents who will be added, updated or unsubscribed from your Mailchimp list. When you have checked the files set the switches (shown in green) to yes for the updates you want to make - press Update Mailchimp to start the update process.

This is how the update works 

  • The update process uses the constituent's primary email address from Donorfy - we do not check whether any other constituent email addresses already appear on the Mailchimp list
  • The following data from Donorfy is used when updating Mailchimp:
    • Email address, last name, first name - last name and first name are held in Mailchimp merge fields.
    • Donorfy tags and purposes will be used to update Mailchimp tags and interests as specified by your settings - see this article. Important this can lead to Mailchimp tags and interests being removed from list members as well as added.
  • If a constituent
    • appears on both the Donorfy list and the Mailchimp list we will check their details in Mailchimp match their details in Donorfy
    • appears on the Donorfy list but not the Mailchimp list they will be added to the Mailchimp list
    • has been blocked for email they will be unsubscribed from the Mailchimp list
  • Note that no information held in Donorfy will be modified during this process - to update Donorfy from Mailchimp see this article
  • Anyone who has been unsubscribed from a Mailchimp list will not be re-subscribed by the update from Donorfy, however, the update will not mark the corresponding constituent in Donorfy as being blocked for email
  • It is possible for multiple Donorfy constituents to share the same primary email address - if the multiple constituents sharing an email address appear on a Donorfy list being used to update MailChimp, the constituent with the higher/highest constituent number takes priority
  • You can update one Mailchimp list from multiple Donorfy lists if you need to

If having previewed an update you decide not update your Mailchimp press the Delete button to delete the preview.




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