Troubleshooting the API


The API will work when the correct instructions are sent to it.

To make test calls you will need to download, install and use Postman - the Postman documentation will help you get started, but you will need to

  • set up permission as described above
  • use basic authentication header containing the user name and the access key (TIP: it is important to understand the difference between the API Key and the Access Key. The API Key goes in the URL and the Access Key goes in the authentication header)
  • include the Content-Type application/json header


The Donorfy Product Support service allows you to report suspected issues with the API - ie genuine non-compliance, or reporting any outages, but please note that it does not cover troubleshooting your code. If you need help with your code you will need the help of an approved Partner with API skills - please contact us for more information.

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