Batch Templates

If you enter transactions in batches - see this article - you can create batch templates to speed up data entry and allow the entry of more information associated with batched transactions.

In summary, this works as follows - you create a batch template in which you

  • Set up default values for your batch i.e. to reduce the amount of data entry needed when adding items to a batch
  • Optionally allow entry of
    • split gifts - i.e. one payment can be split into up to 3 allocations
    • up to two activities associated with a payment

When you create a new batch in batch transactions you can then choose to base it on a template. 

Batch Templates

Batch Templates are located within Financial > Batched Transactions, click on the Batch Templates tab

From here you can either select an existing template or add a new batch template.

Within a batch template there are different selections that can be made:

  1. A payment and allocation
    • The payment to include a second allocation
    • The payment to include a third allocation
  2. A Gift Aid declaration to be added - this can be used on its own i.e. for a Gift Aid Declaration Batch
  3. An activity to be entered - this can be used on its own 
    • An additional activity to be entered 

Add a New Template

Click on the Add Batch Template button

Add in a name for your new template e.g. Summer Appeal 2019 - Cheques

From the options on the left of the screen choose which elements you would like to incorporate into your batch; payments and allocations, Gift Aid and Activities

Payment and allocation

Fill in the particulars for the financial elements. You can choose whether to allow users to change these defaults as required allowing you to be as flexible as you desire.

Notable elements:

  • For Transaction Date Received

If you specify a date received then this will be used for each item added to the batch - if you have ticked 'Can Change' then this date can be changed for each item added to the batch

If your batch template does not have a date received then the batch date - as entered when you create a new batch - will be used as the date received 

  • Allowing anonymous donations

If you toggle this option to Yes, then only the payment and allocation parts of a batch item will be added for anonymous donations - i.e. activities and gift aid declarations will not be added for any anonymous donations - even if your batch template allows them.


Include a second or a third allocation

These sections allow you to add additional items to your allocations, for example, a ticket sale and a purchase of a t-shirt. 


Gift Aid declaration to be added

Here you can define whether Gift Aid declarations are to be added. This element can be used as part of a financial transaction batch or as a standalone batch.

When selecting this element if you do not specify:

  • a declaration start date then the date will be set to 4 years prior to the Date Received *
  • a declaration end date then the date will be set to 99 years after the Date Received *

* If you do not enter a Date Received within the Payment and Allocations section then the batch date will be used.

Activities to be entered

From within this section, you can add an activity (and an additional activity if required), for example, the mailing of your annual report, or the booking of a speaker.

When adding activities via your template if you do not specify an activity date the batch date will be used. 




Once you have finished entering all of your defaults for the batch template, Save Changes.


Changing Batch Templates

You can alter the defaults which you have set within a Batch Template, however, the changes you make to a batch template will not automatically change the existing items you have already added to batches. 

To make alterations to your batch template, from the drop down list in Batch Templates, select the template you would like to amend. This will automatically load the defaults for that template. Make you changes as required and then click on Save Changes.

If you change your batch template and want these changes to also affect existing items in open batches you should proceed as follows.

If you:

  • Change any values in the template or add sections, such as allocations, Gift Aid declarations or activities in your batch template you should open existing items in open batches and check/edit them so they are as you want them
  • Remove sections, such as allocations, Gift Aid declarations or activities from your batch template you should open existing items in open batches, delete the item from the batch and then re-add it to the batch.
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