Linking Eventbrite and Donorfy

You can link Eventbrite to Donorfy so the details of people that register for an event are automatically added to Donorfy - this is what you have to do.

You will need your Donorfy API key - see this article for help with that

You need to delve into Eventbrite a bit so it may help if you refer to their help guides.

Log into your Eventbrite account, find the settings option, then from the Developer Links left hand menu in Account Settings click on

1) Webhooks 

  • Click on Add Webhook 
  • For the Payload URL enter<your donorfy api key> e.g.
  • Select All Events*
  • Under Actions tick order.placed
  • Press the Add Webhooks button
  • You can press the Test button to check the settings - you will need to refresh the page to see the result of the test

* it is possible to restrict the webhook to one event, or have it work for all events. It's simpler to leave it to all events, but if you want to be specific about which event(s) update Donorfy you'll need to set up multiple webhooks, each restricted to a certain event.

2) Next, from the Developer Links left hand menu in Account Settings click on API Keys

  • Click on the Create API Key button
  • Fill in the details on the form to Request a new key as follows
    • Application URL: 
    • OAuth Redirect URI: leave this blank
    • Application name: Donorfy  
    • Description: Donorfy
    • Complete the other required fields as appropriate
  • Press Create Key.
  • Next click on 'Show client secret and API keys' and copy the code next to 'Private API key

Now it's back to Donorfy - go into Settings, find the Eventbrite Settings and enter the personal OAuth token you copied from Eventbrite.

Although you will often want to map individual Donorfy campaigns to specific Eventbrite events (see below), you will also need to complete the current settings form by specifying default mappings to be used for events that have not been separately mapped. As a minimum, you may want to select a General campaign, or set up a catch-all Events campaign for this.

Once you've clicked Save Changes on this form you are now linked.

If you ever want to unlink, delete the webhook you created in Eventbrite.

Important - to avoid creation of duplicate entries in Donorfy, you must ensure only one "All Events" webhook is configured in Eventbrite. Even so, it is still possible to create multiple single-event webhooks for the same event (or have a combination of one All Events webhook and a specific one), and they will all update Donorfy, so be careful not to duplicate them. 

When setting up the link between Eventbrite and Donorfy, you will also have the opportunity to decide whether to create Transactions in Donorfy for paid-for events, and choose a default Campaign to which to map Eventbrite events.

Mapping Campaigns to Events

Mapping of Events to Campaigns may be overridden for any event by making changes on the Eventbrite tab for the corresponding campaign.

A hyperlinked list of Campaigns that have been mapped to events in Eventbrite is shown at the bottom of the Eventbrite Settings page.

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